About J@de

What is J@DE?

J@DE (Jewellery And Diamond Evaluator) is an extremely powerful tool designed to allow brokers to give an indication of jewellery values quickly and easily. The system has been built with brokers in mind to help you have informed discussions with your clients, differentiating your service and helping ensure that your clients are properly insured.

How will J@DE benefit Brokers?

J@DE’s guidance creates added value to your service and differentiates you from competitors. We know a significant percentage of customers are underinsured but they are often reluctant to undertake full valuations either due to cost or inconvenience; using J@DE you will be able to provide a new level of service that will reduce the risk of underinsurance, improve retention and increase revenue.

How will J@DE benefit claim managers?

J@DE is an ideal tool for Claims Managers who need to place an immediate guide price on an item of diamond jewellery submitted on a claim.

Using J@DE will mean that a benchmark or average price can be set for any given product securing a greater level of claims control, a reduction of leakage and an increased opportunity to detect fraud.


For more information, please email or call us to get an online and personal demonstration to J@DE in more detail, how to use the system and its many benefits.

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